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Hopefully you live in Olympia or Funwater, that’s the first step.  Also, have a universe in side of you, filled with stars, all going supernova.  Take that passion, and direct it towards nerf.

Now that you have that.  You’ll need a gun.  I’ll only talk about the guns currently being used within the Brigade.  To go over every type of gun would be too much space, and something other blogs are devoted to covering.  I’ll link to those blogs later in this article.


Currently, the standard Nerfwater gun is The Maverick.

Official gun for the Space Cowboy

The Maverick

The Maverick is the cheapest nerf gun, while also being the most reliable, most easily modded, and one of the more powerful.  Even if you have other guns, this one is great as a standby sidearm, an “Old Reliable”.  It is 9-10 dollars at all major stores and takes every type of nerf dart.  It has great aim, is a great size, can get 15-25 feet after modding it and the darts actually hurt when you get hit by them.

If you want to mod the Maverick, fairly easily, check out Thesullos’ youtube videos. So far he has the best

maverick mod instructions I’ve found.

A step up from the Maverick is the Nerf Recon.

The Recon is basically a stronger pistol, but it comes with all sorts of tactical accessories that makes it an appealing buy.

Most of the Recon’s accessories are aesthetic.  the barrel extension is awful and only decreases range and accuracy.  the tactical light is cool but an led instead of a laser, so distance is not too impressive.  I do like the range meter you can attach on top, and it does help you line up the sight.  Same with the shoulder stock–the shoulder stock does increase accuracy and make the gun look cool.  I like the recon for two reason: one, It’s a clip system which means its clips and bullets will work with any other CS gun you happen to buy.  Being able to switch guns on the fly with the same bullets is  nice.  Also, the shoulder stock and aiming accesory are both nice.  The recon is a good sidearm with bonus accesories to use on other guns.  I did mod mine, and it worked great.  then I tried to mod it more and broke it.  So now it sits unused and unworkable and I miss it a little more each day.

One key point to the Recon is that it uses a reverse plunger as it’s firing mechanism.  This mechanism has an intrinsic cap to how far it can fire a bullet.  So now matter how much you mod it, it will only go so far(maximum 35 feet I believe).  NERF likes this because it helps with safety meaning most  of the other guns on the market are, inside, just a recon.  The Alpha Trooper, Raider, and Long Strike are all-deep down-a recon.  They have improvements that might make them work a litle better than a recon, but none will be able to be much more powerful than this entry line pistol.

but carrying on.  A new gun that came out just this fall is the Alpha Trooper.

Makes you feel Awesome

he Alpha Trooper is exclusive to Target and, as you can see in the picture, is basically a souped up Recon.   It uses the same pistol stock and firing mechanism, but has a stock barrel with a shotgun pump for cocking.  It also comes with a sweet 18 round drum barrel.  I am using this gun currently and am in love with it.  It’s a litlte unwieldy to use, but gets great range and all my broken recon accesories work for this gun.  It also has slamfire(which the nerf raider has as well) that lets you hold down the trigger and shoot bullets as fast as you can cock the gun.  And, because it’s a clip system, it uses the same clip and bullets as the recon.

Our friend Chris recently got the nerf Firefly, and though this gun may seem gimmicky at first, it is actually an impressive, strong sidearm. 

The gun is a REV-8, similar to the Maverick-meaning it fires from a barrel you load from the front.  It also  has a light that flashes each time you shoot the gun making its special bullets glow in the dark.  There isn’t much use for this feature, but it is cool.

What I like about this gun is that it can use any type of bullet, and comes with storage space for 8 more darts built directly onto the gun.  It has the versatility of other sidearms likethe maverick or recon, but fires a big stronger and further and looks cool when you do it.  My only complaint is that it is a bit hefty for a sidearm, but not strong enough for a long range blaster.  and it is notoriously hard to mod, since you have to work around the  electronics.

For a while this gun was on sale for 10 to 15 dollars and at that price it is a strong buy.

The only other nerf gun in use in the Nerfwater community(that I’m aware of. If i’m wrong let me know.) Is the Nerf Longstrike.

Snipe snipe snipe snipe snipe

The Nerf Longstrike looks beautiful.  It is, of course, modeled to look like a sniper rifle.  Unfortunately, inside it’s basically a recon and the barrel again only hurts the accuracy.  But it is a really strong recon and the blaster, without the barrel, is powerful.  It also has some nice accessories with a shoulder stock and aiming mechanism.  I truthfully don’t know much about this gun, since I’ve only seen it in action once, so I don’t want to say much about it cos I could be wrong.  but It too is a clip system and  uses all the same streamline bullets as the other CS guns.  If you want to  know more, ask Chris Hagen at our next NERF BATTLE.

Those currently are the Nerf Guns in use in Nerfwater.  Next post we’ll talk about Bullets and reccomendations on what to buy.  This is important.

For more Nerf Info I enjoy the sites Nerf or Nothing, Singapore Nerf, and Urban Taggers.  Also, just type in your nerf gun into youtube and enjoy the 10 year olds with shaky hands showing off their guns and modding them in nauseatingly shaky tutorial videos.

These pages are also now in the links page.  more stuff will be added to this site as needed.

Also, send me a photo of you with your nerf gun, along with your nerf battle name, and I’ll add you to the Roster Gallery–an upcoming feature on the site.

Nerf Hard.